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If your septic tank needs cleaning, call Reliable Sanitation  •  719-527-9484

Septic Cleaning & Septic Services

At Reliable Sanitation, we have been servicing septic tanks in the Pikes Peak Region for more than 40 years for both homes and commercial and industrial applications. We take pride on each and every job we take on, and we work diligently to see that all your septic system needs are seen to in a timely and affordable manner. In fact, our reputation is unsurpassed for service and knowledge in the septic field!

If you have a restaurant, grocery store or office, Reliable Sanitation can handle all your septic services, no matter how large or small. From grease traps and septic services to sand traps and hydrojetting services, Reliable Sanitation is your one stop shop for all your waste management needs.

If you have a home, you can tell you need septic tank cleaning if your drains start backing up or a weird smell emanates from your leach field. Unfortunately, because the septic tank is buried, most people don't even think about it until sewage is ankle deep in the basement or bubbles up in the yard. Your tank size and family size usually sets how often you would need to have your septic tank pumped. If you have a 2000 gallon tank and five people living in the home and use the amenities normally, then you will want to pump your tank every 3 to 4 years; more often for larger families and less often for small.

At Reliable Sanitation, we provide the following septic tank services:

•  Septic tank cleaning
•  Septic tank maintenance
•  Septic tank wastewater disposal
•  Septic tank locating

Septic Tank Maintenance
Not maintaining your septic tank is similar to having a car and never changing the oil. Whether you have a septic tank at home or in your business, septic tanks have to be maintained on a regular basis or they can wreak havoc and cost you in expensive repairs later. Regular pumping of a septic tank will extend the life of your wastewater system and protect your drain field. At Reliable Sanitation, we have most of our customers (particularly our commercial customers) on a regularly scheduled septic tank maintenance program!

Here are some tips to keep your septic tank working in between septic cleanings:

1) If you feel that an additive for your septic tank is needed, be aware that some may do great harm. Additives that advertise to "eliminate" tank cleaning may cause the sludge layer to fluff up and be washed out into the drain-field, plugging the soil pores. Some additives, particularly degreasers, may contain carcinogens (cancer-causing) or suspected carcinogens that will flow into the groundwater along with the water from the soil treatment unit.

2) Use liquid detergents rather than powder because powders contain clay.

3) Seed leach field areas with low water grasses, such as buffalo or prairie grass.

4) Divert greywater sources from the septic system (ie: roof downspouts, and sump pump drains, etc).

5) Don't drive or build on your leach field.

6) Don't install a sprinkler system or landscaping over the leach field area.

7) Avoid or reduce the use of your garbage disposal. If you use a garbage disposal, have the septic tank cleaned more frequently.

8) Don't use your toilet as a garbage can! If you put lots of stuff down the toilet, you will need to have the septic tank pumped more often.

Environmentally Friendly Grease and Waste Disposal
There are few locations in either the Pikes Peak Region or along the Front Range where you can dispose of your waste. Businesses need a place to dispose of their septic waste and grease waste. We accept waste from certified and permitted haulers in Colorado.

At Reliable Sanitation, we have the knowledge and expertise to serve all your septic system needs. Whether you need pump service, a septic tank clean out, or a grease pit clean out, Reliable Sanitation is your ideal choice. We also provide emergency septic tank services 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Reliable has performed septic services state wide on large scale operations and also small scale operations.

If your septic tank needs cleaning, call Reliable Sanitation  •  719-527-9484


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